"Minca visitors are sensitized to preserve the river"

Iglesia Minca

An invitation to enjoy the ecosystems under the premise of protecting the water resource through good management of solid waste, makes the Metropolitan Police of Santa Marta through its group of environmental and ecological protection to visitors who come to Minca.

The illicit use of natural resources is classified as a crime that can lead to judicialization or the imposition of a police appearance.

The uniformed agents hold awareness and environmental awareness days aimed at sportsmen and bathers who are part of the tourism that visits Minca, a place that attracts not only its river but also the climate, coffee and Bird watching.

The group of environmental and ecological protection of the Metropolitan Police of Santa Marta through didactic talks recommends respecting wildlife so that it is not hunted, traded or held in captivity outside of its natural habitat.

It also provides recommendations that seek to ensure protection of wild flora so that trees are not cut because these uses require permits or authorizations by the environmental authority because of not having such permits, people can be objects to the imposition of law 1801 of 2016 or National Code of Police and Coexistence through a police subpoena or in its effect be prosecuted for the crime of unlawful exploitation of natural resources being deprived of liberty and left at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Nation.

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