Typical foods in Minca

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Delicious Tamales and Chorizos paisa.
Prepared at home by owners with more than 50 years of tradition.
All this in a quiet place by the river Gaira and its beautiful garden with fruit trees.
Doña Teresita de Marin attends to her owners with her son William.

a 50M de la plaza, subiendo hacia Campano
(+57) 316 870-3060

Typical by DOÑA ANA

Typical food service Tolimenses, tamales, sancocho de gallina, three-phase and roasted by charcoal.
Natural spa, cozy landscape and excellent service.
You have to arrive before 1 in the afternoon to not run out of a portion!

way to the stones on the river
(+57) 320 574-0820


Visiting a Pozo Azul, do not miss the visit to this barbecue so that one passes. It is a place halfway, where one can enjoy grilled meats, soft drinks and a conversation with Camarito.
If it's lunch time, the mince of meat, chicken and sausage, accompanied by yucca and cooked potatoes are delicious.
And of course we should not detract from the dessert.

next to the road on the road to Pozo Azul
(+57) 314 6753-677
(no oficial)

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