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Since my years as an explorer with the Socorro Brigade, I did not go to Minca. A long time ago, this Samaritan settlement ceased to be a settlement of settlers and became a small and paradisiacal metropolis in which live peacefully and permanently close to a thousand people, 50 of them foreigners of 16 different nationalities. A percentage that says it all. A small Tower of Babel in tongues at a thousand meters of altitude, without the defiant intention to face God and where everyone understands.

Why does a Swiss couple decide to invest all their savings in the construction of a cabin to stay here? Or why did a French woman specialize in alternative medicine? Or Russian husbands who give yoga classes and are guides. Or Isabela, a Polish designer with a comprehensive cultural project. O Jonhas, a corpulent German expert in making and drinking beer - he is a master brewer graduated in a Bavarian university in this particular and envied profession - and continues in the daily work of making the drink with artisan methods and with the most particular names like 'Hummingbird ', among others. All day trying mixtures. And at night he relaxes by taking some 'cold' Colombians in the popular Cacao Museum of the Colombo-Venezuelan-North American Eliecer Velasco, where the offer of chocolates, sweets and other products based on cocoa and cannabis is wide. Soap, ointment and feminine intimate lubricant are offered and very required.

The Bogotano of Catalan descent Gerardo Castellón Núñez is another example of this community, with an ecological model such as Eco Point, which was a garbage dump and is now a well-appointed hostel. It was, in effect, a great environmental recovery with the sound of the river all the time and the singing of the roosters in the first hour.

Then, Sierra is up Eugenio Hidalgo, small coffee producer. And the barranquillero Gonzalo Tovar, a cultural manager who opens spaces in the middle of the greenery of nature and all landscapes from 360 degrees. Clouds, mountains and the sight that is lost in the distance. On the other hand is the Perna culture that an American handles with a French and an Argentine. They sow basil, arugula, moringa, mustard and vetiber. They participate in a community offer of the Belgian Phil Bekaeart.

Also a wiwa leader, Luntana, with a project of indigenous indigenous historical culture. Preserves the ancestors, but incorporates their knowledge in business so that women of their ethnicity can market their products.

In a curve of Minca there is a French bakery that serves a Caraqueño.

A little more than three decades ago, Minca was the target of indolent guerrilla attacks and then in its "recovery" the paramilitaries entered, whipping the people with brutality. For years the corregimiento was besieged by these forces. Since 10 everything returned to normality and the impulse that gave the new way transformed it into a desired destination, with 20 degrees of temperature and an example of tolerance in the heart of the Sierra Nevada. Do not miss out on this cultural tourism offer. Closer than Miami.

Taken from EL HERALDO - Barranquilla