Hacienda La Victoria 1892 - 2024

In 1892 The Victoria Coffee Company was born, derived from an association of five investors, including the founding couple of this company, Mr. Charles and Mrs. Alice Bowden of English origin and faithful followers of his queen Queen Victoria, who gives origin to the respective name. In the northwestern slope of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, coffee cultivation starts between 800 and 1400 AMSL soon after its foundation.

Of 1223 hectares, 217 are dedicated to the cultivation of arabica coffee, 300 hectares of grazing land. The outstanding balance represents the forest reserve strip, foundation of the water star of the San Lorenzo peak, which has been maintained in its natural state to date..

In 1921 The Victoria Coffee Company is translated into Spanish, becoming the "Compañia Cafetera La Victorìa" that already produces 200,000 Kilo of coffee for Premium export, annually and is considered to date one of the 5 leading coffee companies in the department of Magdalena from Colombia.

The hacienda, then managed by the late Michael Weber (2018), leads a project of sustainable production so successful that it has become an example of social development of the corregimiento of Minca in Santa Marta.

Currently, the Hacienda is open to tourism as a large active museum of coffee, where visitors can learn about the whole process of coffee, from the hand of a guide, from his planting under shade in the mountains to taste an exquisite cup of coffee produced right there.

At the Hacienda you can buy organic coffee and 100% natural honey produced at the hacienda.
You can have a delicious coffee accompanied by a cake from the French bistro. And besides this is the beer of NEVADA.

Information to visit:
    Hacienda la Victoria (6 km from Minca)

Logo Hacienda Victoria   Visits Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
   +57 317 3085270
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Place: Hacienda la Victoria (6 km from Minca)
Visits from Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM