"News from Minca, SOS for the church of Minca"

The temple of the parish Our Lady of Perpetual Help suffered several damages over time, for this reason several parishioners took the initiative to fix it, but resources are needed.

The church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help of Minca, is one of the most emblematic sites of this population of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The temple was built approximately 80 years ago by the peasants of the interior of the country, who at that time came to this paradise to work in the coffee farms. They, who were very religious, saw the need to build a place to praise and glorify God, so they set to work to build this important and historic place.
But over the years, the religious building suffered several damages in its structure, so the current pastor, Father Ismael Torres and the parishioners took the initiative to rebuild it as it represented a danger to all.
In 2017, the parish priest and the parishioners began to carry out a series of activities that allowed them to collect money to start the reconstruction, however, this was not enough. It was the priest Ismael Torres, who put faith and commitment to this work that has already begun.

The promoter of the work
The parish priest Ismael Torres Delgado, a native of Mogotes, Santander, is the one who leads this project. This is the second time he is in charge of the parish of Minca.
Twenty-five years ago he served as a priest and now has two years and three months to be a priest.

"Thank God we started this work because the roof threatened to fall on us, in good time we did it. We have realized that the walls had no iron or columns and beams for mooring anywhere, we had to start practically building the temple again, "he says.

A call of love
A group of around 50 people is part of the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish of Minca.
Father Ismael expresses that the economic resources were exhausted, for this reason he invites all the people to be linked with this cause.

We want you to also help us to take the temple forward. Those who wish to contribute can contact the parish priest at the number cell 312 623 6715.

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